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The Sugar Hold Get F’d Up


Surf rock with a crisp modern edge – The Sugar Hold deliver the summer anthem you’ve been waiting for, with Get F’d Up.

Refreshingly old school in both melody and set-up, this release celebrates strength of songwriting and performance in a joyful and fairly humble manner.

Perhaps nothing like you’ll expect it to be, Get F’d Up has the makings of a timeless beach-side anthem, complete with its retro and satisfying guitar solo and that underlying shuffle of a beat. The track simply weaves in a contemporary sense of intoxicating escapism in the process, to bridge the gap to the present day.

The Sugar Hold impress, simply put – the single is addictively uplifting, and maintains its charm and catchy optimism throughout; regardless of the otherwise darker implications of the title. They’re a band who refuse to adhere to expectations, by all accounts, but also who pay tribute to the natural appeal of effective, good vibes music in a skillful and memorable fashion.

Really nicely done, from an album of equal worth and songwriting versatility to boot.

Produced and mixed by David Scott Rockower, mastered by John Naclerio. Grab the Sweet album here. Find The Sugar Hold on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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