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The Stifftones Midwestern Town


The Stifftones have crafted a comfortingly familiar acoustic experience with this latest single. Midwestern Town leads with a simple guitar pattern, rhythmic and intimate, spacious, followed soon afterwards by the duo’s alternating and occasionally united voices – creating dynamic during the verses, resolving with beautiful harmonies that strengthen the end of each line.

The further into the piece you get, that organic brightness and the recognisable nature of the style is left behind in favour of impressive, engaging and thoughtful songwriting. The Stifftones have chosen a quiet and genuine setting for this because the song itself is one that deals with personal, reflective ideas – a sense of being far away, isolated or alone. It’s easy to turn away from the place that raised you, but there will always be certain aspects of ‘home’ that can never really be found anywhere else.

Melodically and emotionally the band present all of this in a captivating way. Poetic yet personal lyrics pour through with genuine heart and soul thanks to gorgeous vocal deliveries from both artists. The song works well on the strength of its own concept and set-up, and that’s always valuable. A pleasure to escape amidst for a while.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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