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The Solsters Stay All Night (Feat. JERRI)


Canadian production team The Solsters have released their latest single in collaboration with vocalist JERRI. The song offers a supremely mellow beat, well-built and easy to vibe to – creating the ideal kind of chilled out ambiance within which music fans can embrace the very sentiments of the song and enjoy the good times.

There’s actually something of a retro feel to the song’s instrumentation – not so much the beat itself, this feels fresh and a little hip hop inspired for the most part – the higher synth notes though, the flickers of colour that light up the outer layers, even the melody and the simplicity of the lyrics; all of this presents a classic or vintage pop feel. The finish is undoubtedly fit for today’s world though, crisp and clean, easy to listen to at volume.

From a songwriting perspective, the down-tempo vibe of the track means it doesn’t offer an intrusive ear-worm or anything that’s overbearing – on the contrary, the song just floats by the first couple of times. Even so, there’s a definite air of the recognizable about it – the rise and fall of the verse melody, the delicate and light tone of the leading voice, even the hook. These elements subtly but surely make certain you remember and notice them the next time around.

The laid-back vibes are a pleasure to get into and the song utilizes only that which is absolutely necessary for the energy of the moment. The vocal harmonies add a touch of further warmth and reinforce that sense of togetherness that the song speaks out for. The quieter verse sections also make strong use of contrast, so the later hook softly but undoubtedly has impact. The accompanying, Sims-style video is also strangely entrancing and suits the mood of the song pretty perfectly.

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