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The SoapGirls Breathe / US Tour


Iconic indie rock duo and perpetually touring band The SoapGirls have reached immense new levels of success throughout the past couple of years, thanks to a devoted combination of anthemic tracks and sheer commitment and energy as a live act.

Their explosive music video for Breathe stands at over 100k views, and the band spend up to eight months of each year on the road; performing to a plethora of rock fans across the board.

Unmistakable in both image and musicality, The SoapGirls have earned the respect of the scene thanks to their refreshing fusion of hard work, talent, and gratitude. Their efforts have seen them rise up from busking the streets of Cape Town, to performing on South African Idols, to embarking upon a huge US tour.

Noting classic influences ranging from pop-punk to rock and roll, The SoapGirls deliver power chords and catchy hooks alongside reflective and poetic, inspiring lyrics, which bring a much-needed dose of optimism and appreciation to the modern rock scene. Their sharp and memorable hooks and writing in general breathes a certain fusion of delicacy and outright passionate ferocity into contemporary rock, and Breathe is a bold and beautiful example of precisely that quality.

Mellow verses vocally juxtapose the timeless distorted sound of the instrumental set-up for Breathe, and this rise and fall pattern follows pop-rock sentiments and scenes, before resolving for the simple and uplifting celebration and contextual calm of the chorus.

With upcoming performances still to come in Kansas City, MO, Denver, CO, and Flagstaff, AZ, The Soapgirls promise US rock fans unrivalled levels of energy, passion, authenticity, and entertainment.

Find The SoapGirls on Instagram or visit their Website for tickets & info.

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