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The Soap Boxers Now You’ve Done It


The Soap Boxers offer up a melodic and catchy approach to piano driven rock music that appears as both classic and spacious with their latest single Now You’ve Done It. The term spacious works well here, the thickness of rock often makes it difficult to pinpoint the various details that it consists of. In this case, the music has a certain simplicity, laying each element bare in a gradually progressing manner, so you can appreciate it all in an almost live-sounding arena.

The track begins with the piano part, the descending chord pattern presents a sense of anticipation – it doesn’t resolve, it throws you into an energetic spiral that increases in intensity with each new moment that steps forward. First up is the distorted guitar snippets intertwined with the beat, then it’s the hook – the opening line, the title, the central melody – then there’s a touch of resolve at the end of these repeated moments, but not overly so. The concept of karma works well in this ambiance, it gives off an unsettling feeling that adds to what is a fairly hypnotic, ongoing arrangement.

On top of the songwriting and the composition of the piece, the leading voice has a certain approachable or neighborly vibe about it at first, then as things progress – after the swagger and freedom of a well placed guitar solo – the passion and grit of the voice explode into action. The structure of the song is extremely simple, so the band utilise these moments of change to really keep things evolving and maintaining your interest. It’s a big finish, almost too short in the grand scheme of the whole song, but it works brilliantly. The album is likely to be loaded with similarly inventive and original set-ups and hooks. A live show from The Soap Boxers would likely be impressive – the tightness between instrumental moments suggests an experienced and well connected band.

Stream the music on Spotify or Soundcloud. Look out for the album Fabricated Hollywood, out March 3rd. Find & follow The Soap Boxers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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