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The Saylor – otherwise known as The Bopper Dropper – is an artist with an extensive background in music, particularly in bands. Only recently though has he veered off in his own unique direction for this new solo venture. Young is a stand out single from his latest work, a beautifully uplifting anthem that makes for the perfect end of summer piece to warm things back up and remind you to live in the moment.

Young is a gorgeous track, beautifully produced so as to bring in elements of a slightly world-like bounce alongside of those that are a little more electronically soaked. It feels like a beach-side piece of music, a song to be shared – one that represents togetherness in every way. The soundscape itself is multi-layered, colourful and optimistic in its energy, and on top of this you get The Saylor’s leading voice, a smooth and fitting melody line, and a string of lyrics designed to further that sense of carefree possibility and hope.

The opening moments of music showcase only a few simple chords, a spacious ambiance – keys and the leading voice drive the journey. The voice laid bare like this works gorgeously, the delicacy invites you into the moment – it sounds genuine, as if it’s from a place of honesty and authentic peacefulness.

As the music evolves and fills out, the beat and every new element that steps up to the stage adds further to this overwhelming warmth, this energizing aura that the song so brightly presents. It’s a simple track, and effective in being so – accessible to all, fit for the moments of calm just as well as those of a higher energy level. The drop to the hook works brilliantly and there’s a clear potential for remixes that hit a little harder; should anyone feel so inclined to go there. Well crafted and a pleasure add to the playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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