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The Rising Souls Hold On (2Seas Sessions)


The Rising Souls are a band I’m incredibly grateful to have discovered – once again, the wonder that is 2Seas Sessions have introduced audiences to something special. The band offer precisely the passion and grit that appeals, particularly to fans of rock or acoustic soul or anything with that alternative, inherently emotional edge that we so crave in music.

The live session is the perfect place to begin, and Hold On is a stunning song, gentle and intense in equal parts, simple yet incredibly complex in content and sentiment. The band perform according to the what the song and the moment needs, not simply to show off individual points of skill. There’s a definite unity here that allows the softness of this piece to really reach out and connect. 2Seas Sessions have framed for us the sheer passion and thought that has gone into the band’s performance, and it makes for an addictive live video that’s almost certainly the start of something much bigger.

The song has a pretty simple set-up, a subtle rhythm, a comforting ambiance with a touch of concern or melancholy. The band’s leading vocalist, David, drives the melody and the lyricism through with sincere and captivating soul. The performance is heart-wrenchingly open, genuine, and alongside of this – the band support and enhance the effect at every step.

The final few moments showcase a change in structure, a shift in the mood – a resolve of sorts. I’m tempted to make comparisons purely because it’s been a while since a band has had the weight and passion required to really carry such honest songs like this along under a captivating light. Think blues-rock, Americana fusion, soul, even classic rock and roll – the latter increasingly so throughout their other live performances for 2Seas Sessions. Defiantly a band to get on-board with.

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