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The Persian Leaps Electrical Living


The Persian Leaps are an alternative rock band offering high energy and anthem-like, almost noughties indie or BritPop songwriting that runs riot through this new album.

Beginning with the brief yet boisterous The Art Form, the project lays out its intentions in an instant, a playlist designed to surround you with riffs and raw energy, poetic references, short rhymes and addictive hooks. At the same time, these songs are presented in a manner that effectively prompts you to consider the live show; a moment that would almost certainly allow the natural brightness and intensity of the compositions to connect in an unedited and rowdy fashion.

Catnip For Cupid follows on with a similar mindset, leaning towards punk-rock legends such as Green Day, but still maintaining that eighties vocal tone that helps give The Persian Leaps an increasingly recognisable sound.

As the album goes on, you notice the songwriting more and more so. There’s plenty being said, scenes being set and stories being told. With each revisit, these moments gain a little more clarity, thus connecting in a more lasting way every time. The louder you listen, the stronger the effect.

A fitting project from a band with a clear and natural way with creativity and performance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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