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Southern Rock Force The Midnight Shepherds Release Sublime Live Take of ‘Lover Boy Blues’


Introducing the soulful southern rock force that is The Midnight Shepherds, their sublime live take of the song Lover Boy Blues stylishly captures a moment in time, and lures you in for its raw passion and addictive groove combined.

Featuring the gentle swagger of the blues-rock genre with organic layering of guitar, bass and drums, with subtle hints of distortion amidst the outer edges, Lover Boy Blues sets the mood with ease, and proceeds to weave in a born-to-perform vocal lead of equal parts ferocity and softness.

Built from ground up by musicians of a lifelong devotion to the artform, The Midnight Shepherds unites a plethora of well-traveled performers, renowned for their work on the live scenes across the Gulf Coast region.

Notably masters of their instruments and masters of the live space in the same instance, the band have appeared alongside the likes of Ian Moore, and continue their climb with the consistent release of timelessly enchanting originals. The sheer presence exuded by this alluring seven-minute recording speaks volumes on behalf of a group committed to the emotion and rhythm of a track.

Complete with meandering guitar solos, from the delicate and contemplative to the outright impassioned and powerful, Lover Boy Blues shines light on the precision and depth of The Midnight Shepherds as a live act. It reminds music fans far and wide of what’s truly possible within the uninhibited escapism of finely-honed, purposeful live music. When a band whole-heartedly embrace the process and even lose themselves within it, so too can their audience.

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