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The Lost Millions Pile Of Robots


Slick rhythms and classic rock guitars kick off the crisp yet nostalgic embrace of this new EP from imaginative songwriters The Lost Millions.

Blending that initial energy and distortion with a softer indie vocal akin to the rock-band explosion of the early noughties, Stuck In The Scene introduces a uniquely contrast-heavy sound – loaded with impressive musicianship and conceptual worth united under a catchy, anthemic blanket of appeal.

All at once reflective and poetic, relatable and seemingly personal, it’s a strong start that naturally urges you to crank the volume and buckle up for the rest of the journey.

Elsewhere within the collection, The Lost Millions continue to underline that songwriting strength and musical ability across a handful of different scenes and moods.

For My Phase we mellow out a little, almost leaning towards emotive grunge or the stripped-back central album pieces of another era. The voice is more intimate in this setting, gentle and contemplative, the melody a more shoulder-swaying, indie-pop gem amidst the rising intensity of the soundscape. Quickly the band secure themselves as of interest in the live setting; as well as for the audio escapism of a morning commute.

Intensity reigns further still for the gritty simplicity of Wake Up. Heavier vocals appear snappy and aptly awakening amidst a simple two-note riff repeat. Harder rock influences edge towards the surface, still that indie identity of memorable licks and self-addressing references seeks to energize and inspire a sense of possibility and movement.

The strong swagger and groove of Snakedriver wraps things up with a heavy arrangement and almost surf-rock melodic thread – another side to the unlimited sound and songwriting of The Lost Millions.

Brilliantly eclectic, particularly for such a brief collection, Pile Of Robots promises to take listeners out of the current chaos of modern life, and instead place them within that of an expressive, passionate outpouring from musicians entwined within a search for answers and like-minded others.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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