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The Leisure Society The Fine Art Of Hanging On (2Seas Sessions)


UK based band The Leisure Society present audiences with a gorgeously warming performance with their recent live 2Seas Session. The Fine Art Of Hanging On is a song that feels like a long-lost classic. It’s a really well written, poetic and reflective piece, that has been performed here to a flawless level and in a manner that expresses the underlying sentiments of the song in a beautiful way.

The band have a certain interconnectedness when they perform, you can hear how smoothly everything moves along together, rising in intensity and passion gradually before settling back down. The song feels, in this respect, like waves moving up and down at the shore. Everything from the acoustic guitar strum to the strings to the leading voice feels like an irreplaceable and crucial part of the process. In some cases you get a leading voice that drives with a little more volume or angst – or a leading guitarist even – but with The Leisure Society, the shared goal is clear, the shared dedication to the moment, and it’s a pleasure to witness.

From a songwriting perspective, the title of this song alone has the strength to draw in those who relate to its implied ideas. As the verses come through, the details fail to disappoint, the realness that you hear in the music is directly connected to that which makes up the lyrics – thus completing the process, bringing the song full circle and making it a complete and untouchable piece of art. The lyrics and the rising melody really carry you with them as they emerge. The song becomes this go-to moment of reflective thinking, getting you involved during those verses, then resolving just perfectly at the hook to leave you lost in the music in a mighty way. This live performance has been incredibly well captured by 2Seas Sessions.

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  1. Nice! Full sound without drums or bass guitar! The guitar helps carry the rhythm and the piano provides bass tones.

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