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The Hairy Sun Crack Town Road (Old Town Road Parody)


Re-working the recent hit Old Town Road with a completely new angle but basically the same beat and melody, parody artist The Hairy Sun has taken on the surface level lifestyle of a homeless drug addict – adding comedy and a completely new story-line to what is a notably memorable and quickly recognizable release.

As a comedian, The Hairy Sun throws himself fully into the role of the character at the forefront of the story. His performance both vocally and in terms of the accompanying video pays tribute to comedy acts and skits from across the decades – slapstick and overly magnified stereotypes intertwine. Meanwhile, the original rhythm of the song and its melody still pour through – actually running the risk of leaving listeners humming the words to this song, rather than the original. The hook in particular is slightly more of an ear-worm than you’ll find of the Lil Nas X / Billy Ray Cyrus version.

Fusing country and hip hop seems to strangely fit well with the bizarrely captivating intensity of Crack Town Road, the accent The Hairy Sun presents is so over-the-top that it reinforces how likely you are to notice it. If this is your introduction to the artist, there’s plenty to check out over on YouTube – and most probably a whole lot more to come.

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