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The Gungle Gym Just Following the Sunshine


Right from the offset, Just Following The Sunshine is a brilliant way to name your album. An instant element of attraction and intrigue. I already want to hear it, without having heard a sample or a single release, and the good news is – the music that follows is just what you’d hope for, and more.

A radiant collection of feel good vibes and beats, a cool and calming vocal wall – lined with thoughtful, optimistic, meaningful lyrics. This is music for summer nights, drifting away from your troubles; hip hop with depth and feeling. Not rushed, well thought out, well worked, oozing creativity and sounding warm and welcoming. There’s even a smooth little shout out of saxophone in there somewhere. So many good sounds.

The songs wrap themselves around you like any good track should. Whether it’s that jazz-like vibe behind the vocal, the simple finger snapping for a rhythm, or the bending bass line and heavy beat – it all fits well, and The Gungle Gym is clearly a place where people who genuinely love music meet up and make it.

The opening track eases you into the vibe with it’s simple piano, uplifting bass line, and light yet energetic beat. Lyrically full to the brim with beautiful statements and ideas. You catch the odd line like “We all live and die..”, and it’s often surrounded by some peaceful, genuine, everyday imagery – you feel like you’re really listening to something of worth; musicians and writers who really live, and love living, and aren’t afraid to think and feel real things.

A personal favourite was the penultimate track, the harmonies that open it up are fairly unexpected, but really effective at this point in the album. Somewhat classically titled, Pass The Blunt, pays a soulful tribute to genuine hip hop, and it sounds great. Really nice vibes, the whole thing just makes you feel like smiling. A pretty great accomplishment when it comes to making music.

Every track on this project has a similar sort of chilled and positive manner. There’s even the occasional hint of an early nineties influence, the chorus of vocals and the slight synth-like sounds of the backing track – the closing track in particular – a really nice fusion of inspiration and creativity from all involved. This is definitely a project well worth checking out.

The album has been in the making for a whopping six years, and the work and effort that has gone in to it is clear from the very beginning. Give the guys a follow on Facebook to stay in the loop, and head over to the Website to grab your copy of the album and to find out more about The Gungle Gym.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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