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The Fell Swoop Magick Thing


Great vibes a-plenty from The Fell Swoop this rainy Sunday. Straight from the soulful swagger of San Francisco, the band offer classic funk and soul with an added flicker of pop-songwriting; fit to fill the boots of any of history’s funkiest live bands.

Magick Thing is an infectiously catchy tune, the first minute or so takes the form of a familiar and rhythmic groove – it works, it sounds good, it lifts you up a little. As you approach the half-way mark though, the leading vocal brings something of a Tom Jones vibe to the sound, the melody starts to grab you, the subject matter starts to step forward a little more boldly. You begin to get that retro pop-classic feel from the track.

The way the whole thing has been structured works hard to keep you interested, involved, and entertained throughout. The song’s hook quickly sinks in and holds you captive from the offset, so then it’s up to the band, their creativity, their musicianship and energy, to keep things moving.

Everything works about it, rather than fading off into the movement as an easy-listening piece might, Magick Thing fuses colourful, energizing musicality with effective songwriting, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s a great sound and this is merely a single from an EP of the same name. The band have their approach, their vibe, and it feels very authentic and natural. There’s a high likelihood that a live show from The Fell Swoop would be everything you’d hope for from a band promising this kind of music and these unwavering positive vibes. All the way through, from the beat to the vocals, the bass to the sax, the chorus of voices, the rising wall of instrumentation and warmth – Magick Thing has been set-up just right.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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