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The Darkhounds Failure Of The Family


Fresh from the project Cheltenham CallingFailure Of The Family is a notably personal and revealing song that lays out The Darkhounds’ songwriter under an honest and somewhat vulnerable light.

While there’s a sense of distance to the leading voice, this seems to effectively further that sense of vulnerability – these effects are almost something to hide behind, but not quite enough so to rob the voice of its emotion and clarity. On the contrary, it seems all the more real thanks to this lo-fi finish.

Musically the track showcases a thick and full trip hop soundscape with a definite level of weight to its riffs and to its distortion and rhythm. The whole thing hits the room like a pulse, never wavering until the song is suddenly and prematurely over. The music provides a sanctuary of familiarity and consistency, while the leading voice meanders unpredictably through these various melodic sections and moments within the story-line.

The hook ultimately holds the most power, the verses pave the way well – the memorable nature of that key line hits with impact thanks to this arrangement. The title and its underlying concept intrigues, so you want to listen – you want to hear the details of this and discover how relatable or accessible it is.

As music for escapism, this suits the deep thinkers – the late-night listeners who revel in the embrace of alternative music. It’s a fascinating song, and the sound is quite recognisable once you’ve heard even just a single prior release from The Darkhounds.

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