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The Beige Refrigerate After Opening


Crisp acoustic blues lead us organically into the catchy grooves and vocal arrangements of the new EP from Boston’s The Beige.

Upfront and unplugged, intimate and accessible for both its lyrical progression and the relatable vocal, Fan Appreciation Day soon rises up for a harmony of voices – an energetic hook blending subtle hints of The Beatles with a more distinctly folk-like edge of unity and creative freedom. The EP is off to a strong start.

Certain intentional ad-libs and sounds help really light up the outer edges as the whole thing pours through. An interesting, original topic, presented in a quickly likable way. Already The Beige seem like a band who would shine brightly in the live setting.

Country-folk and stylish guitar riffs elevate the again acoustic folk warmth and gripping storytelling of I Don’t Want To Be Shot. The Beige continue to blend this familiar unplugged approach with cleverly captivating lyrics, and as such, the entire Refrigerate After Opening EP holds attention well.

For You Tore Me Down, the simple warmth of a softly-strummed acoustic guitar backs immediate vocal harmonizing, for a heartfelt expression of personal longing and pain. A little reminiscent of the likes of More Than Words in its choir-style beauty, the song is deeply honest and intimate yet relatable, and works well at this mid-point in the project.

One Fine Day takes those contemplative sentiments and the stripped-back presentation a little further, offering a thought-provoking and rather blissful highlight that’s profound in its poetic wonder and self-awareness. A personal favourite, heartbreaking and somewhat dark yet hopeful – and powerfully moving in being so.

The Beige then raise the mood and the roof to follow, with the brilliantly upbeat and melodically addictive, comical and catchy The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine. Another highlight, unmistakable from the outset – no doubt a fan favourite at shows.

Wrapping up the EP is the nostalgic Americana acoustic sound of Saying Goodbye (Old Timers’ Day) – a dash of the likes of Rusted Root to its rawness and melodic appeal. One last story to get the mind wandering, one last uplifting anthem of a hook, and an ultimate balancing of both sadness and possibility; as per the central identity of much of The Beige’s music.

A fine collection of timeless songs, a real pleasure to turn up loud and let play – Refrigerate After Opening celebrates the power of music and expression in their most pure yet professional states. Absolutely worth a few streams this summer and beyond.

Download Refrigerate After Opening via Bandcamp. Find The Beige on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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