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The Art of Deception Despondency


Technical precision and haunting lyrical darkness present a journey from relatable resentment of the rat-race through to the horrors of self-destruction, death and the inescapable grip of time. The Art Of Deception scream out on behalf of mental health turmoil, of the need to transcend misery and doom, with Despondency.

Unexpectedly minimal in terms of the weight of the full arrangement, Despondency allows each individual layer or element / instrument to stand tall in its own way. The sound is heavy, intense, of course, but there’s room to breathe – and indeed to pick up on the sheer skill of each performance alongside the clear unity between them.

The latter half of Despondency switches to this hypnotic descending melody of chords and vocal rhythmic unity, which adds a sort of anthemic familiarity to recordings – whilst encapsulating the torment and looping sentiments of the concept.

We then get a more stripped-back change to just voice intermittently, which lays bare the raw sound and talent of The Art Of Deception in a way that’s not often witnessed in modern metal. The band have what it takes to master the genre, and they bring their own twist of simple humanity with both lyrics and these lashings of space and quiet in between.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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