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The Anxiety Sweepstakes The Outdoor Face


Fresh from the album Stomach Sounds, The OutDoor Face is a song that introduces psychedelic pop duo The Anxiety Sweepstakes in a perfectly fitting and creatively appealing way.

Pouring through with a fine balance between delicate soundscape intricacies – flickers of melody and lightness, partly organic feeling – and a notably unexpected yet simple vocal line and string of lyrics, the song is quick to intrigue and leave its subtle but certain mark upon the listener. The very band name itself has a similar sense of mystery about it – our anxiety-riddled society has become strangely connected by the rising presence of this issue.

The Outdoor Face makes for an unusually satisfying, unpredictable yet perfectly well resolved few minutes of escapism – leading with lightness and unity, never focusing on one element too strongly. This isn’t purely about the singer, or the songwriter, or the musicians at work – this is about the artists and the audience alike. This is a shared moment of calm, of complexity simplified, and everything from the overly colourful yet smooth presentation to the lyrics and the vocal delivery works well to represent this at every step. A fascinating band with a strong ear for effective yet subtle melodies and lyrical prowess.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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