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The 10X Think of Me


The 10x fuse emotional songwriting and an enjoyably retro dance backdrop on this single Think Of Me. The Nashville-based duo offer a uniquely heartfelt take on alternative pop that leans notably in something of an indie-rock direction at certain points within the song.

Think Of Me is a track that presents a number of definitive or characterful traits to mark its identity. One of those, an early riser, is that scattered synth-line – that energetic, driving riff, slightly distorted and again fairly retro in nature. It adds a layer of energy among an otherwise fairly smooth and gentle piece of music and writing. Another is the drum-line, there’s personality in the beat and in the way the whole thing has been composed. Another is the leading voice, the softness and lyrical honesty gives off something of an MGMT meets the 1975 vibe.

The main thing though, in my opinion, that makes this song stand tall, is the drop from the verse to the hook. When the music hits you feel it, everything changes, and the emotion and energy from before suddenly multiplies and connects in an uplifting way. The song has depth, it feels vulnerable and deals with longing and personal difficulty. That openness means a lot, and so as the music intensifies, those questions – Do you think of me… Do you think of me when.. – they’re given all the more weight. The song reaches out to those who have felt similar feelings, it’s incredibly intimate and personal but it’s been approached in a widely accessible manner.

The leading melody-line, that hook or questioning moment, is repeated throughout and is the main thing left lingering in your mind after listening. It’s a memorable, alternative pop song that introduces The 10X in a genuine way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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