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Tha Crown & Mista Marcus Welcome To My City


Tha Crown and Mista Marcus captivate brilliantly with this single. Not only is Welcome To My City a hard-hitting and impressive hip hop anthem, but it draws to light a topic far too often left in the dark.

Pouring through with a quickly haunting, memorable riff, and heavy beat that promises a cutting rap flow to match – and there’s no disappointment – the first verse hits with subtle, striking intensity. A breathless and quietly confident delivery kicks in with bar after bar of undeniable truth. It’s not easy to stomach, nor should it be. These lyrics hold your attention in a powerful way, provoking deeper thought on the issue of segregation, what it’s really like to be a minority, to experience prejudice, police brutality, and to feel trapped and unable to escape it all.

Produced by Tha Crown and featuring a cutting first verse from the artist, Welcome To My City storms into the room with a commanding presence. Immediately you’re inundated with ideas and references, leaving a sense of needing to really go back and listen over once it all comes to an end.

Later on, Mista Marcus adds dynamic with an equally unsettling yet impressive second verse, his lower vocal tone helping create a level of change – and reminding listeners that this isn’t a personal nor singular issue.

Based on life in Milwaukee but by no means exclusive to that city, this alternative anthem speaks on division and inequality across the board, balancing specifics with a broad understanding of the impact that such negative systems truly have. A powerful single, well worth experiencing.

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