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TexMex Shaman Roll Over Matryoshka


TexMex Shaman’s Roll Over Matryoshka offers music fans a plus-six-minute audio journey through what feels partly like a live jam session, and partly like a beautifully chaotic, ever-changing dream.

What begins as a gentle, funk-inspired, organic meeting of instrumental moments – rhythmic and uplifting, hopeful and genuine – soon evolves into something slightly more complex, decidedly experimental, and impossible to predict. TexMex Shaman brings together the best of many worlds, leading with a clear understanding of what works in music, what connects and what entrances an audience, but also fusing that with an inherent desire to create freely and to express certain inexpressible explosions of thought and emotion.

Throughout the various stages of Roll Over Matryoshka, the artist takes the listener by the hand and involves them fully in the turning of each page. By the time the final seconds play out – these manic and unsettling, industrialized vocal fragments – you’re unsure quite what it is that you’ve been through, but you’re categorically certain that you have indeed been through something noteworthy.

As you return to the start, those vintage, distant vibes seek to calm the room again – hints of experimentation appear a little more boldly now; your mind is prepared and is perhaps even searching for signs of unorthodox creativity. The opening moments are suddenly loaded with ideas and details – intricacies that mean so much more in hindsight than they ever really did the first time around. Then comes the funk, the soul, the rhythm and the seduction of a few simple, familiar riffs. Then comes the rest of the journey – the highly anticipated breakaway, the re-build, the places your mind can wander to alongside of it all.

This composition showcases a clear love for the art-form, a clear intention and sentiment presented by the artist, but at the same time – it allows the listener to make it their own almost entirely. A rare and beautiful quality. To each their own, and everyone who witnesses it will likely find themselves wandering off to somewhere completely unique. Well worth spending a few minutes with. Refreshingly mysterious and musically satisfying in the same instance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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