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TexMex Shaman Easy


TexMex Shaman’s return this month brings an explicitly unique cover of a summertime classic. In his own words, when approaching this yesteryear hit from The Commodores, TexMex Shaman tried to ‘keep the soul and change the shoes;’ a brilliantly fitting phrase that actually perfectly well encapsulates the journey you’re about to embark upon.

Easy is a song most of us know – the sort we may not turn to often, but that we can’t help but follow along with, and join in melodically as at that infamous line pours through. In the case of this version, you strangely still find yourself doing that. Though the sound is completely out-there in some ways, and the cover is completely instrumental on the surface, there’s something about the presentation of the melody that whispers those words into your head regardless. And meanwhile, this completely refreshing, bizarrely unusual yet still brilliantly familiar and satisfying in being so, complex and creative soundscape rains down and envelops you.

TexMex Shaman is quite commonly one to break down barriers in music, and this latest release speaks volumes on behalf of that. Despite its unpredictable set-up though, nothing about this track feels out of place – you settle into the partly retro and partly distorted glimpse-of-the-future vibe in an instant, and the whole thing flows through like some sort of beautifully manufactured, impossibly organic hit of rock and trip-hop ambiance intertwined.

All comparisons aside, what you get here is a gorgeously expressive and seductive piece of music – a journey through impressive instrumentation, skillful use of contrast, quiet, chaos, and everything that it means to craft artistic audio from scratch. Complete with a seductive bass-line, classic wah effects and juxtaposed distortion that hits like a bolt of lightening, TexMex Shaman’s Easy is a superb example of how to take something exceedingly well known, and re-build it in a new yet still soulfully relevant manner.

The track maintains every ounce of swagger and good vibes it once had – the comfort of the original lives on. At the same time, this is nothing at all like what The Commodores first recorded – and nothing at all like anyone else has put together with it since.

Let your mind wander and your body calm into the melodic and wonderfully uplifting audio journey that is this release. An absolute treat for music and escapism fans past and present.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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