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Tetelestai Sounds Going Blind


The main reason this track works so well is that either the ambiance or the song alone would make for a beautiful listening experience. The soundscape, without the melody, has the complex detail and colour required to really let you disappear into the moment. This is from the the opening few bars of upbeat yet delicate synth play, to the full throttle finale – in which an electric guitar part runs wild among its chaotic and vibrant surroundings. The same effectiveness can be found in the song alone – as you follow the leading voice along, in all of its beauty and style, you get lost in the melody, the story, the emotion, the sound. The latter is a slightly different experience, as there is clearly an element of humanity to connect with – that realness and honesty, that personality. The fact that you get both of these elements working in unison within a single is just brilliant.

The track has the upbeat and uplifting vibe of any great summer dance track, and the singer-songwriter presentation of ideas gives audiences something of an indie-vibe alongside of this. Whatever you’re turning to the music for, whether it’s the enthusiasm booster for a night out, or whether it’s the calming, reflective soundscape you need to see you into an evening of consideration and possible change – Going Blind is the sort of track that has you covered.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the guitar solo towards the end is great, completely unexpected. The heartfelt energy and realness of this song is not often found among such an electronically complex piece of music, or at least not at such a high quality. Everything works well here, simply put, and it sounds fantastic – superb production. A really enjoyable new track, a great way to kick off 2018.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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