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Test Card Girl Holds Me Down


There’s something about a song like this that just screams out to be the addictive alt-pop hit of the year that no-one expected. Manchester’s own Test Card Girl has written a classic song with a fresh and unique set-up and sentiment, and all of the building blocks seem to fall perfectly into place.

Featuring a somewhat retro, gentle electro-pop soundscape, a chorus of united vocals, and an immediately likable, joyful melodic progression, Holds Me Down goes on to offer a genuinely new touch of self-reflection and honesty. It connects for its relatable subject matter combined with the unusual way in which its expressed – a rare trait of various quirky pop songs that broke through the noise across the past couple of decades.

It’s a hopeful piece, colorful and bright, easy to enjoy – with short lines that fall and rise, resolve and satisfy. There’s also a clear sense of identity to the sound, yet it doesn’t seem able to pigeon-hole the artist in the same instance – you get the feeling that Test Card Girl could come out with a punk-pop or purely acoustic single next, or any matter of other genres, and we’d still feel connected to the songwriting and the voice. Another trait that only a handful of artists get to achieve.

Beautifully done, I’m a fan – looking forward to hearing more.

Check out Test Card Girl on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website. Grab a limited edition cassette of the new single, complete with an exclusive B-side, right here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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