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Tess Posner The Mask


Tess Posner drives with unapologetic honesty and societal awareness once again for her latest single. Directly addressing the widespread need to succumb to expectations and pre-defined images of who we should be, The Mask pours through from the perspective of the individual behind it – a concept that encapsulates contemporary life and the strangely accepted ‘norm’ of hiding behind certain appearances and standards.

While the verses detail these constraints or these rules we follow, these masks we wear, the chorus and indeed the song in full goes on to talk of daring to break free of all of this. There’s intrigue and power in choosing to step through the chaos and to, quite simply, be exactly who you really are. Posner highlights this well both lyrically and in terms of the rising strength and appeal of the music.

Despite the song’s obvious depth and contemporary concern, Posner has yet again presented all of this in a quickly likable, melodically memorable fashion. The Mask makes for an enjoyable trip hop single that leaves its hook melody lingering with you long after listening. The simplicity of a subtle but consistent beat adds a dramatic sense of progression and rhythm to an otherwise dreamlike and softly soulful bit of alternative pop – albeit with a rather stunning, addictive hook.

The more of her music that emerges, the more you notice this defiant level of identity and style that is her sound and her writing style. Another brilliant song from an ever-refreshing artist – a pleasure to write about and an easy must for the long term playlist.

Do I dare to take the leap… 

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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