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Tess Posner Supernova


As impressive as Tess Posner’s project One Thousand Petals was – and still is, with each re-visit – this latest single Supernova is categorically in a league of its own.

Released on international women’s day of this year, Supernova deals with relationship trauma head on –  showcasing the abused directly addressing their abuser, and paying a mighty tribute to the me too movement of recent years.

The story-line is fairly clear-cut when it comes to the lyricism of this release. The point though, is not to dwell on the pain or the struggle, but to resolve and see strength in overcoming. This is precisely what the song in full represents – the verses detail the hardship, and the hook turns to the idea of this supernova; this incomparable explosion of brightness and power. The intimacy and honesty of everything leading up to this helps create a captivating sense of contrast and lets that central concept hit with all the more impact.

The first thing to grab you about this single is the sound of Tess Posner’s voice – this melody and these from-the-heart, genuine lyrics pour through with emotional soul and a compelling, entrancing air of realness. The performance is beautiful, as is the melody – simple, short lines pave the way, a dark and reflective mood, before rightfully exploding into a huge moment of brightness and musical optimism.

The song’s hook is everything the title promises, but it’s these sections surrounding it that really let it shine. Posner’s voice is stunning, and this melody is so uniquely appealing and quite addictive in nature. The various lines of the song quickly become like anthemic bars of togetherness – the sort that could be relevant to anyone, and that would indeed bring a crowd together in a wonderful way at a live show.

Supernova is a superb song that’s likely to stand the test of time over the coming years. A great release from a fantastic songwriter.

Download the single via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Tess Posner on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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