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TB2Project Innocent (In Other Than Living)


Boldly atmospheric sound-design pairs layers of breathy vocals and soulful electric guitar, as TB2Project introduce their latest immersive and passionate single Innocent (In Other Than Living).

Presenting as an ambient soul-rock introduction but soon utilising a nostalgic rock vocal of Bowie-esque character and rasp, Innocent proceeds to weave a story of intrigue and detail around listeners, that of a third-person protagonist told in a notably emotional, personally heavy kind of way.

From a songwriting perspective, there’s a lot that refreshes and satisfies about this release. The progression from softly uncertain verses, complete with vocal fry and quiet melancholy, to the angst and energy of the hook, works beautifully. The resolve of a select few lines really hits with impact – as does the contrast between moments of calm and those of full distortion and retro-electronic presence combined.

The lyric ‘It burns.. Oh it burns…‘ reaches out with unforgettable power each time it explodes into the space, and the four-minute track in full actually presents moments like this on multiple occasions – even the subtle piano outro injects one last edge of atmospheric contemplation and lingering soul.

Really interesting, a song that gifts a little more insight with each revisit, and which toys with genre in a free yet fitting manner; as per the topic and intention of the underlying song. Performed with genuine heart, Innocent (In Other Than Living) is well worth exploring.

TB2Project brings together the talents of Alf Samson Jossang (music, melody, vocals) and Ole Johan Samdal (lyrics, music, chords and keyboard), with the new single welcoming sublime additional vocals from singer Linda Nytrae, and final production tweaks from London’s Max Honsinger.

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