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Tatiana Moroz Through The Night


Leading with a strong organic groove of soulful guitar, descending bass, organ and rhythm, Tatiana Moroz offers a beautifully uplifting and inspiring anthem, with Through The Night.

Freshly released from the full-length album Love Songs For Idiots, Through The Night brings back a nostalgic style that quickly embraces the listener and simultaneously draws interest in the live show.

Following this, Tatiana quickly injects a contemporary vocal thread, short lines and fresh lyrical reflections, for a fine fusion of styles and eras that gorgeously unite for a timeless hit.

From mellow verses of sultry calm and contemplation, Through The Night is likable immediately, yet evolves to reach even greater plains – thanks to the powerful brightness and rise of the hook. Everything from the instrumental set-up to the resolving sentiments of the lyrics hits with impact thanks to this progression.

‘Stop running there’s nowhere left to go… I see a fire burn in you.’

Simple yet effective, and repeating just enough times for that fine balance between bluesy solo-songwriter energy and outright Gospel togetherness, the song’s central intention resounds and grips the listener.

Faultlessly performed, and written with genuine emotion, Through The Night connects for both its personal intricacies and how accessible it is to the broader audience.

An earworm for sure, with an infectious degree of hope, love and possibility at its core.

Grab the single here. Check out Tatiana Moroz on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok & Instagram or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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