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Tash Hagz Mankind & Destiny


Opening with perhaps the most poignant, heartbreaking and striking lyric possible, Tash Hagz’ new single draws focus to the complex emotions relating to loss; specifically, the incomparable pain of losing two parents within just a few years.

The furthest star that I can see, is closer than they’ll ever be…

Contemplation of death and separation, the end of being, is something we’re all prompted to delve into at some time or another. The way Tash Hagz has addressed and explored this topic is stunning. The visual aid of the stars, originally inspired by the artist’s consideration of the clouds and their distance, is a powerful way of describing the unbearable weight of the forever, the finality, that death brings.

Kicking into gear with a surprisingly full, almost tropical bounce of a soundscape, Mankind & Destiny proves a fascinating and quickly relatable single, with superb melodies and lyrics that quickly connect.

The brightness of the sound is intriguing, and despite the multiple layers of music, the sadness at its core intertwines with this high-energy, pop-rock sentiment in a passionate and mighty way. It envelops the listener in the concept, and tips its hat stylistically to the songwriters of the sixties – fusing poetry and musical outcry to express the inexpressible.

Brilliant songwriting, with an addictive chorus that hypnotises and reaches right for the heart strings. An absolute must-hear this season.

Mankind & Destiny was produced by Mike Shields and Idan Altman, who also plays Synthesizer. The single features guest vocalist Britt Savage, with Mike Shields behind the lyrics, music and arrangment – as well as the vocal lead, bass, guitars and drum-work.

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