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Tash Hagz Images Of Imogen (Official Music Video)


Musically inspired by equal parts The Beatles and The Police, Tash Hagz’ single Images Of Imogen goes on to poetically explore a deeply personal story-line – one that appears to deal with the complexities of love and lasting memories; feelings that refuse to fade.

It’s a relatable concept, and the mood and emotion that pour through meet the needs of this connection with ease, though the details are decidedly intimate and unique to the songwriter’s own journey. This balance between openness, vulnerability, and vagueness or accessibility, is often what gives a song such a powerful and addictive reach. It feels like it could have been written for you, or by you, and yet it intrigues with this new name and this new sense of character – enough so to keep you listening.

Featuring a fairly organic set-up, complete with leading harpsichord, the song builds up beautifully, and makes fine use of a select few simple yet striking lyrics – The quips I used to make now generate no laugh…

Meanwhile, the intensity rises, the instrumental warms and softly resolves for the hook, and slowly but surely Tash’s own performance meanders through this long-form melodic structure with equal parts delicacy and passion.

The final quarter in particular explodes into this hugely soulful moment, an outcry of longing or loving desperation. It transports the song to the modern day scene, in a way, making this an easy one to recognize and be lured in by from the stage.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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