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Tash Hagz Dependent On


Birmingham’s Tash Hagz takes scene-setting and story-telling to compelling new levels with this energising new indie-rock track.

Featuring a raw indie build up and catchy vocals that follow short, addictive lines and a simple melody to quickly connect, Dependent On appeals for its crisp take on the rock sound of yesteryear, as well as for the immediate intrigue of the lyrics.

Compiled of uniquely raw layers, from the spacious rhythm to the retro canned vocal to the frequent crash of the drums, Dependent On feeds into the Tash Hagz sound but more notably feels like an easy and timeless anthem; alternative yet engaging on a broader level.

Coming in at a pretty prefect 3:33, the track fascinates as it pours through, the latter half feeling like a freestyle outcry of emotional uncertainty and passionate dedication to the moment – a strong performance that draws the listener in all the more so. It urges you to stream it a second time, and again after that, to appreciate the raspy intricacies of this naturally gritty, enjoyable voice; and indeed to get your head around the concept a little more securely.

Out Friday, May 21st. Check out Tash Hagz on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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