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Tartan Army ’24 We Are The Tartan Army


Scotland’s Summer Anthem for the Euros – ‘We are the Tartan Army!’

The sheer joy of a summer anthem rooted in the glory and unity of football celebration – Tartan Army ’24 bring back the high-octane beauty and melodic appeal of 90’s dance, for their musical ode to supporting Scotland in this year’s UEFA Championship.

Built around a timeless arrangement of addictive four-chord piano, repeating vocal sentiments and a catchy bassline, We Are The Tartan Army is every bit as quirky and uplifting as the title implies. The music has the energy and vibe of a 90’s classic, blurring the lines somewhat between Dario G and the devoted summer football hits that first ignited such a community feel amidst football fans and the public at large back in the day.

Featuring everything from classic keys to bagpipes and even fragments of football commentary (from none other than Ally McCoist), We Are The Tartan Army is a simple yet boldly satisfying ode to Scotland, and will no doubt catch on with all the right listeners as the team kick off their first match in the Euros this coming Saturday, 14th June.

This is the somewhat more pop-friendly or radio-ready mix, but if you’re so inclined to check out an alternative option that’s notably heavier – The darker German Acid Mix from Tartan Army’s own Guy Fforde hits in a whole different way. In both cases, please be prepared for an unrelenting earworm.

Download or stream We Are The Tartan Army.

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