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Tanya Ryan My Heart Song


Canada’s Tanya Ryan has crafted a pop-rock classic for this release – a song with a deeply personal core that reaches out in a bold and profound manner.

From delicate beginnings, My Heart Song lays bare an intimate call of uncertainty – My heart knows things that I don’t… – acoustic guitar, nearly whispered vocals; it’s a familiar yet rightfully heartfelt moment, which connects for its sense of poetry and vulnerability united.

From a songwriting perspective, the song builds up beautifully. The rhythm kicks in for the first hook, still gentle but adding a sense of optimism that suits the sudden acceptance and warmth of the hook. Then you get a flicker of Americana for the next verse, a hint of electric guitar, vocal harmonies, a rising level of anticipation that’s decidedly cinematic.

Somewhere along the way, the songwriting and performance style of Terra Naomi came to mind – Tanya Ryan has a similarly expressive, deeply human way with composition and delivery.

The final quarter is ultimately a huge moment of uplifting possibility. The concept is simple, though notably fresh – My heart knows how to save me. That line resounds after listening, and the instrumental set-up reinforces its weight, showcasing a superb progression and utilization of contrast. The whole thing offers an immersive big finish that leaves a lingering sense of celebration; rather than sadness or the before-suggested uncertainty.

The song’s accompanying video represents equally well these changing stages of the story and the musical artistry designed to underline it.

A powerful song, one you likely only need to hear once to later recognise and appreciate it in just about any setting.

Look out for the album Open on February 20th. Find & follow Tanya Ryan on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit her Website.

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