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Tal Shofet I Think I’m Dying


Soulful folk stylings meet with impressive acoustic guitar-work and uniquely honest lyrics and vocals – songwriter and artist Tal Shofet delivers the creatively blissful and poignant single I Think I’m Dying.

Beginning with a fairly raw, blues-like presentation, the song introduces a skilled musician with a distinguished tone to his guiding voice.

All at once we’re enticed by the stripped-back musicality and these fearlessly open, gripping lyrics. Yet even with these strengths from the start, I Think I’m Dying soon evolves through various unexpectedly full and intense sections of alternative rock, across four and a half-minutes of expression and tale.

From the intimacy and caring of the opening lyrics, which repeat later on, we progress towards heartbreak and desperation, and from one catchy melody to the next we’re always gifted another earworm of soulful observation and quirky traits combined.

Explosive at its peak, I Think I’m Dying navigates the topic of love gone wrong, of disappointment and dismay, not just lyrically but with the very rise and fall from mellow to immense and back again. Tal Shofet encapsulates the emotions of the writing with a brilliantly bold and versatile set-up. As such, you can appreciate the unplugged ability of I Think I’m Dying as much so as the full-band potential.

A uniquely original, unpredictable yet engaging single, from an artist whom hopefully has plenty more music on the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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