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Tainted Nation Fight


When you get a band constructed of lifelong, experienced musicians such as this, the sound is likely to be something pretty special. Tainted Nation’s album On The Outside is fairly guaranteed to give classic rock and melodic metal fans the hour long hit of satisfaction they’ve been aching for.

The track Fight is a superb place to start. The song bursts into the spotlight with it’s heavily distorted yet stylishly melodic guitar riffs, followed by an entirely captivating wall of well crafted music and performances. The leading vocal is one that carries the band’s ideas and melodies with absolute power and realness. The vocal itself is heavy and attention grabbing, yet it’s also undeniably skillful in it’s presentation.

The band’s overall sound is enhanced massively by this leading performance, outlining the concept, which is also, in itself, something deeply commendable and worth while paying attention to. Alongside it of course, the well rehearsed and highly experienced band members defiantly brighten up every corner of the music – with skill, meaning, and relevance.

The song comes across as having been created by a unit, a fully functioning and passionate team, and this is something that speaks volumes for the value and appeal of the music. There’s not a moment that falls behind or disappoints, and in fact, if that opening riff, complete with it’s retro touch of funk, doesn’t get you hooked – the longer you listen for; something, if not everything, undoubtedly will.

The lyrics and the melody alone are captivating enough to intrigue with thoughts of an acoustic version, but the track as is, complete with the accompanying video, expresses great strength – it stands out, grabs your attention, and makes you remember every moment.

Tainted Nation features the leading vocals of Pete Newdeck (Ex Drummer in Eden’s Curse, Grim Reaper, Killers, Steve Grimmett), Pontus Egberg on Bass (King Diamond, ex The Poodles, Lions Share, Zan Clan) Ian Nash on Guitar (Steve Grimmett, Lionsheart) Mark Cross on Drums (ex Firewind, Outloud, Helloween, Kingdom Come) and Joel Peters, also on Guitar (Fury, Newman).

Keep up to date with the band over on Facebook and Twitter. Their album On The Outside came out in February – check it out over on Spotify.


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