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T8PES Flashback


Flashback by T8PES is a brilliant outpouring of nostalgia packaged perfectly in the Alesis HR-16 Box that inspired it. The drum machine kicks up a beat that’s simple but captivating, while the lyrics wind a tale of days long gone – when the music still had magic and the musicians still believed. The T8PES mantra throughout is simple and poignant: “This is what it means to be English, this is what it means to be young”.

As vocally complex and technical as the beat is simple and catchy, Flashback delivers on its namesake – escaping to a time before designer drugs and Avant-garde hipsters turned what was a passion for music and life into an ironic scene culture. The single has the power to make you feel younger, and realize you’re older.

Flashback plays like an emergency broadcast, urging listeners to go back to the days when we weren’t isolated in our homes, prisoners to our earbuds and tiny screens. Flashback is a call to come back to the club, to stand next to a real person, and to feel that true happiness in the second you experience the beautiful chaos of live music. It’s a reminder of the nirvana in the drop, the collective exultation engineered by the right DJ.

A lyrical tour-de-force interwoven with a beautiful hook and a well-produced sound, T8PES clearly know their way around a studio. With their clear knowledge and romance of the culture, however, one could only imagine a live show would be unreal, unbelievable, and truly unforgettable. On May 25th, my Spotify account will be alight with the new album – I recommend the same for you.

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