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T.R. Burge Selling You


Easily one of the most engaging indie projects of the year so far, fellow Mancunian and long-time songwriter T.R. Burge follows up his vastly-praised debut release God Ache, with the sublime and poetically powerful new EP Selling You.

Beginning with the beautifully raw and lyrically profound Free Man, T.R. Burge creates an instantly alluring realm – faultless production elevating these riffs, rhythms, lyrics, and this immediately distinct, unmistakable leading voice.

The soulful rasp and deeper level of contemplation meet with the organic folk-pop tones of the music with style and precision, offering a fine balance between genuine artistic wonder and outright accessible, familiar patterns that connect with ease.

All of these qualities help elevate the Selling You EP – a five-track collection of addictively uplifting, thoughtful and refreshingly complex originals.

The mood lightens for the soul-funk swagger and bass-led warmth of Japanese Rain, that recognizable voice suddenly seductive in this new setting of imagery and scenic memories. The brighter pop-rock vibe works well, the chorus lifting the mood and again providing a catchy hit of escapism that effectively takes you somewhere new.

The solo-artistry of T.R. Burge shines well for Precious Stones, lighter acoustic playing and heartbreaking vocals drawing focus to the stripped-back live potential that will no doubt bring these songs to life in a whole other way. This one hits with memorable impact, a tiredness of tone reflecting the lost-ness of the lyrics in a manner reminiscent of Eddie Vedder’s own solo efforts; the vocal tremble unique yet conceptually relevant as we move towards the brighter resolve of the hook.

The EP’s title-track is the first single, Selling You adopting a classic folk-pop stomp and the quiet relaying of imagery – providing the ideal choice for late-night escapism and connection whenever the world gets too much to bear.

Ride The Rail then brings the project to a colourful finish, a quicker pace and clear sense of rising anticipation lightening the space and guiding us with hope and possibility – a great way to wrap up a deeply contemplative collection.

T.R. Burge is an artist through and through, writing and performing out of a sheer need to do so – nothing formulaic or fake. Selling You is brilliant, a wonderful project, from a songwriter and creative no doubt worth seeking out on the live scene.

Find T.R. Burge on Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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