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Synthetikreal Vaya Con Dios


Vaya Con Dios is a rhythmically seductive song that marks a mighty collaboration between long-standing producer Synthetikreal and artists Monet Esbee and Matias. The track has a great vibe to it, an infectious bounce carries the melody and the energy of it all in a quickly entrancing way.

From the offset the song has a certain smoothness, a spacious backdrop accompanies the delicate vocal deliveries and a fairly familiar, accessible melody, making for a track that feels comforting but that still as a definite freshness to it. As things continue, the unique beat and soundscape begins to evolve, bringing through more and more elements that give the piece a notable sense of individuality.

At the same time, there are flickers of the organic world involved – the song brings together so many elements from different genres and cultures, feeling a little like RnB performed on a world stage with a multitude of perspectives brought to light. The intensity grows, the melody and the rhythm become more and more addictive, and the whole thing sets its own brightness and longevity up in a strong way.

When all is said and done, this track has the alternative feel of something intriguing and new, but it also offers superbly clean and creative production, so you get that mainstream pop feel alongside of something free from expectation and consistently true to its own musical passions and desires. It’s a song you can’t help but vibe to, and it’s not overly joyful nor depressingly melancholy in being that – it walks the line somewhere in between; making it the perfect choice for any number of situations. Synthetikreal has a professional and clearly experienced touch when it comes to music production, and this collaboration lets those skills shine in a stylish way.

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