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Sydney Cope Watch Out For Me


Sydney Cope’s debut single is one that quickly draws together a classic pop sound with a notably contemporary, Billy Eilish-style vocal, and a progressive depth of tone that allows the soundscape to slowly but surely embrace and engage the listener.

Watch Out For Me is a melodically satisfying and instrumentally unique piece of alternative pop, one that introduces Sydney Cope as having a clear love for this style of music but also for the less common manners of expression and concept exploration. While there’s a relatable underlying sentiment to the lyrics, this merely helps make the song more widely accessible – once you’re involved, you soon notice the quirks and the unusual ways in which that sentiment is presented. Everything from the title to the verses and the structure of the track leans just enough so back and forth between that mainstream vibe and something a little left of the expected. Balance is crucial, and this release has mastered it.

Watch Out For Me is a great song, with a mighty hook. The whole thing is familiar yet refreshing, skillfully crafted and beautifully, stylishly performed. An incredibly impressive debut, with an equally intriguing, dark yet confident accompanying video.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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