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Swirl The Lift


The Lift is an almighty, melodic rock and roll song from a band who play and perform to a brilliantly high level. Swirl have mastered their instrumental skills first and foremost, so the sound is crisp, energetic, colourful, memorable. Certain riffs within really leave their mark in the way that any great rock track must in order to have you remember it in the long term. Alongside of this is the songwriting and the leading voice – these are those most accessible elements, the things that the average listener will initially respond or relate to; neither fall below par.

The leading vocalist for Swirl has a very strong and classic rock voice that also offers up a certain smoothness and showcases a fearless approach to singing. The melody is carried along with power, the style leans in a number of directions that don’t seem confined to rock, and this opens up a few more doors in terms of audience appreciation. It’s a great vocal that seems very genuine in that the singer openly connects with these lyrics and this story-line and concept. That’s an important part of getting a song to connect with a distant or new audience – if you mean what you sing, and you love what you do, it shows, and it appeals.

Lyrically the song fuses a lot that is inspiring and motivational, with a touch of things that have come to pass. There’s a hint of underlying sadness, but it’s expressed only by means of a single line – the music is consistently bright and upbeat, the optimism is unquestionable, and this adds to that energizing element and that colourful ambiance that keeps you entertained throughout. They’re a great band, the song is beautiful, a live show would likely be huge.

In this life, you can choose to exist, or you can choose to excel – you decide – The Lift.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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