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Suzanne Grzanna Daybreak


Suzanne Grzanna brings audiences a wonderfully classic bit of jazz, accompanied by a soft and skillful vocal performance, which throughout the album delivers these warm and familiar songs with great style.

The artist was awarded Best Jazz Music at the 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and her unique take on jazz has lead to the release of a collection that is smooth, captivating, and always easy to listen to.

Suzanne’s voice has a touch of character to it that adds so much to the performance and to the songs. Her personality comes through in the recordings, and the musicality of the tracks has been kept to a very classic, nostalgic level – simplistic yet effective. The music has taken a fairly vintage approach and fused it with something fresh and greatly appealing.

What makes it all work so well is that you can hear the authenticity, you can hear the passion and the love of music and singing that the artist has, and this adds greatly to the value of the collection and makes it so much more enjoyable to listen to. To witness a genuine love for the style of singing and these kind of songs is a rarity, and it’s a pleasure to stumble upon and spend an evening experiencing. There is nothing fake about it, nothing has been added that isn’t needed, nothing has been overdone or forced. It’s a very natural and organic sounding collection of songs, and each one leads into the next with ease and grace.

There’s a lot to like about it all and it’s worth listening in full to get the complete effect and to really get to know the vocal style and overall sound of Suzanne Grzanna as she continues on this pathway through classic music. Hopefully there’s much more to come from the artist, and the prospect of further music is exciting.

Head over to Vimeo to check out the album preview.

Rebecca Cullen

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