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Sun J DILLI (Delhi)


Sun J’s incredibly unique vocal sound creates waves on this latest solo release DILLI (Delhi). The Khatarnaak hip hop collective sees the artist breakaway for this individual venture, he offers up a track that hits hard but with an easy to appreciate delicacy at the same time.

There’s a darkness to the track, but it feels like confidence and style – there’s no volume or weight, just character and drive, passion and purpose. The track uses the New Delhi native’s mother tongue, which actually takes very little away from the experience if you’re an English speaker. The rhythm and overall vibe of the track appeals for its clear and authentic connection to classic hip hop. At the same time, certain moments, particularly that hook, help put forth an anthem-like vibe that’s easy to get on board with and later recognise.

As suggested, Sun J’s voice is immensely original right now – his tone and this calm yet gritty delivery style has personality written all over it. Further more, his ability to meet with and maintain the natural flow and pace of the music is unwavering – flawless even. The whole thing pours through with the perfect bounce and power to give it genuine weight among its peers in this genre.

There’s a realness to the vibe, the accompanying video furthers this and lets you get a better image of the artist in his zone. The performance seems natural, honest, and with the musical backdrop being a fairly simple and vintage rhythm the strength has to lie in the vocal delivery in order to keep things moving and to hold tight to your interest. Sun J keeps things entertaining and engaging right the way through, and a fine production job lets that shine precisely as it needs to.

Visit Sun J’s collective Khatarnaak via their Website. Find & follow Sun J on Twitter.

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