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Sugarspun Wandering Blind


This track by Sugarspun is something that will warm every indie fan to their very core. The music fuses all the best parts of classic bands like Oasis, with a little bit of an almost Beach Boys inspired, melodic joy.

The melodies, the riffs, the upbeat manner in which the whole thing develops, plus the introduction of a female vocal towards the end  – adding yet another layer of loveliness – every moment throughout this song has been carefully crafted and included to help build and build on the effect of the music.

The structure of the piece ties in with this whole idea of layering really well, as after a single listen, it’s not necessarily a significant line or hook that you take away – though the melody does grab hold of you pretty quickly – it’s the whole increase in ambiance, the way things develop and change and grow as you listen. The music stays loyal to the song it’s a part of, to these notes, to this style and concept – but it moves freely outside of these elements, so what you get is something truly and creatively unique.

The leading vocal in Sugarspun’s music is one that is familiar yet fresh. There’s a softness to it during those opening verses, a tender and emotional streak running through the expression, then as you get further into the music this strong and confident voice just powers out among the other instruments.

The whole piece feels gentle to begin with in fact. There’s an acoustic, beach side sort of vibe to it; the simple clap for a beat, the hypnotic and soothing guitar riffs, the vocal parts just subtly filling out those empty spaces around the verses, with beautifully fitting harmonies. Then as the song moves forward, the softness evolves into something of a collective mass of energy and togetherness, which is wonderful to experience, and highlights some really skillful songwriting and musicianship.

This is a genuinely well constructed piece of music, fantastic songwriting that is new and comforting and addictive to listen to. The creativity and passion is clear, and it’s this type of combination that can make or break it for a band in terms of listeners considering a live show. There’s no doubt at all, it would be an absolute pleasure to catch Sugarspun live. They come across as an act that would be superb in both a small, intimate setting, as well as an immense, festival sort of setting – where these anthems of our time can bring us all together for an incredible series of moments. The spectrum of potential is vast and exciting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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