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Streets Soprano It Is What It Is (Feat. G Premacy)


Introducing the self-defined street anthem of Buffalo for the new season, Streets Soprano and G Premacy collaborate to gritty, infectious and addictive results, with the fiercely captivating and inspiring hip hop release It Is What It Is.

Addictive is key, in everything from that haunting, descending piano riff, to the classically crisp rhythm and the skilful flow, confidence and intelligence of the bars.

Featuring equal parts intensity and quirky, clever rhymes, It Is What It Is feels like a timeless hip hop anthem across the board – an unforgettable ode to fresh bars, motivational presence, and boldly unapologetic writing.

Emerging complete with a simplistic yet striking and authentic set of performance visuals, directed by Christianah Rodriguez, shot and edited by Gen X, the single raises the bar for indie hip hop but also makes a strong, perhaps unbeatable contender for mainstream success – if given the right kind of audience reach.

Vocally recognisable and respectable in both lyrical development and faultlessly breathless bars, the track showcases ideas evolving consistently – as opposed to the less concept-rooted short lines and listing that makes up much of the contemporary scene.

Incorporating each personality with consistency of strength, the track compels you to listen, prompts you to turn up the volume. and quickly invites interest in the broader catalogue.

Catchy and concise, heavy yet melodic, memorable – well worth a listen this summer and beyond.

Check out Streets Soprano on Facebook & Instagram or find G Premacy on FB / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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