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Strangely Alright Now Is The Time


Strangely Alright not only offer audiences one of the most interesting and appealing band names of recent years, but their unusual take on indie rock and electronic fusion makes for a powerful and gripping audio experience.

The instrumentation featured throughout their single Now Is The Time seems to offer a soundscape that is all at once gentle, dreamlike, loud and intense. The song doesn’t simply begin to play, as if allowing you the time to carry on what you were doing as the music slowly steps up to the stage. No, far from it. The track storms into the room in the form of this tidal wave of riffs and words and energy.

What at first comes through as an indie anthem for alternative rock fans, soon enough erupts and evolves into an amalgamation of influence and varying points of inspiration. A slight Bowie vibe comes through in the leading vocal performance, the likes of Imagine Dragons and Kasabian aren’t far from the forefront of that ocean of distorted guitars, yet in among it all is this fresh and somewhat psychedelic ambiance that soaks you in uplifting energy and lyricism and motivational ideas.

The structure of the song is simple and effective – the opening melody is easy and pleasant, then the verses tell the story that is worded in a brand new way but somehow still feels relevant to you and your day. Subsequently, the hook section hits with incredible impact, and the space surrounding this moment allows the concept, the melody, and the instrumentation to really weave their way inside your mind. From here on in there’s all but a feature length film to fill you with thoughts and self reflection. The energy of the piece is superb, and this maximises the strength of the song brilliantly. A live show would likely be unmissable, and the prospect of a longer project from the band is exciting. Watch out for their upcoming EP.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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