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Strangely Alright Coffee Cup


This is a song that strikes first of all for its lyrics more than anything else. The music has the vibrant energy of electro-pop for the most part, but what makes the lyrics hit with even more impact is the structural shift from this, the fullness, to the gentle, spacious, uplifting melody of the hook. This concept of the coffee cup is something much more than it seems, and the more you listen, the more the music draws your focus to that key idea, the more you’re likely to find yourself considering and appreciating the little things in your own life. That’s what great music does – it lets you escape from a small mind loaded with concerns, and it surrounds you in thoughts and feelings relating to those things that really matter. It makes you feel good, grateful even, particularly in this case.

This is a wonderful release from Strangely Alright, bringing back that musically varied sound that takes a little something from the Bowie side of things and a little something else from various other places. The emotion that comes through in the words is magnified by that which can be heard and felt via the leading vocal performance. The structure of the song is cleverly utilised as mentioned, but without authenticity, without detectable realness, the concept could go unnoticed. Fortunately, this is far from the case here.

It’s a beautiful song to listen to, a little retro, rhythmic, hopeful, enjoyable in itself – but, perhaps more importantly, it’s inspiring when you really break it down and pay attention. A reminder to appreciate the beautiful things we occasionally take advantage of in every day life.

Now that I’m older,
The little things get bigger everyday…

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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