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Strangely Alright All Of Us Are Strange


A welcome return from Strangely Alright brings us the complex and colourful All Of Us Are Strange, a song that highlights a touch of all of the band’s influences, as well as throwing an infectious hook and an uplifting array energy your way.

The word colourful works brilliantly here, this experience of just over three minutes showcases a structurally detailed and varied piece of music and writing, eventually centered around the vibrancy of the music and this memorable melody and concept of our shared strangeness. From the offset the soundscape appears as something that has been considerately crafted, as is generally the way with releases from Strangely Alright. There’s always an element of fun to the sound, a lot of creativity, and some underlying depth or message that causes you to ponder things beyond the average, day-to-day realm of thought. The vocal performances on this add to the fact that it’s a quickly memorable song. The Bowie-esque delivery makes certain the hook settles in for the long term, it also draws your focus to the character or individuality of the music. Strangely Alright don’t really care what anyone else is doing musically, they do their own thing, and that’s why you recognise it and look forward to whatever they may be about to entertain you with next.

This particular song has a strong central concept that works on a number of levels. If you already felt that you were strange, you now feel less alone, and perhaps a little proud. If you hadn’t realised you were, you’re likely to be questioning yourself or the unwilling inclusion of you under this blanket of togetherness. Either way, you’ll probably listen again. The music has such great energy that when it finishes there’s undoubtedly a quiet and rather unsettling void that takes its place.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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