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Stig Gustu Larsen Christmas Morning


As the summer season drifts further away and those cold nights close in, Stig Gustu Larsen’s acoustic offering Christmas Morning makes for a warm and comforting introduction to the changes occurring all around us. The song presents quite a refreshing take on the concept of Christmas in music. Far from loaded with the sound of bells and excitement and a choir of vocals, Christmas Morning is incredibly personal and emotionally honest from start to finish.

Much more than a simple song for the season, this release showcases the work of a soulful and talented musician and writer. The single develops from the spacious and intimate sound of an acoustic guitar and a single, almost whispered leading vocal melody. With this intimacy come treasured moments of love and togetherness. It’s a declaration of joy and the simple things that make a relationship mean so much. The lyrics and the artist’s performance work in unity throughout, arriving with softness at first, increasing in intensity as the fact of it all is brought under the spotlight – the simplicity of ‘I Love You’ is magnified in these huge moments. Everything leads beautifully towards this point, the rising passion of the whole thing carries you along with it as the music progresses.

The sound of this particular release is the sort that would work its magic at any time of year, though its relevance as winter draws closer brings a notable warmth and beauty that really enhances the effect. As an artist and songwriter, Stig Gustu Larsen has a sound and style that draws you in – keeping that soul and emotion alive, story telling in a direct and believable way, and all the while convincing you that a live performance would be more than worth venturing out into the cold for.

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