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Stevie Brock Sweet Tooth


Cool production and catchy pop meet with quickly addictive melodies and a satisfying funk core for this infectious new single from Stevie Brock.

Superb production is perhaps a better way to frame this, Sweet Tooth immediately pops off – the hook kicks in with multiple vocal layers and a pristine level of breadth between these, the bass, and the lighter intricacies elsewhere.

There’s a sort of Timberlake rasp and soul to the delivery, its brightness and volume promising the best possible take on that hook, and from here on in the song just holds you tightly with its groove.

Timeless pop writing with a quirky central concept that’s relatable and fun, memorable and in keeping with the natural bounce and brightness of the music – Sweet Tooth has the makings of a pop hit. There’s a hint of MIB to the verse melodies, a nineties vibe that’s welcomed in its nostalgia, but otherwise Sweet Tooth keeps things fresh, crisp, and easy to vibe to.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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