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Stevie and the Snowflakes I Believe In Christmas


Kevin Allison and his family are the brains behind this original Christmas song. With the support of the band Stevie and the Snowflakes, who helped bring the idea to life, I Believe In Christmas is a pop-rock offering that introduces a refreshing and upbeat new sound this Christmas – whilst still reminding us of all the things we generally love about this time of year.

Adding the seasonal essentials are elements like bells and familiar, nostalgic references. Much more than that though, at the heart of this song is an organic pop-rock aura and a release that’s been written with a fresh melody and a great hook. The song’s hook is undoubtedly the most original moment, the melodic rise and the change in lyrical direction marks a moment of real strength for the song – separating it from the bulk of other indie Christmas releases and helping hold close to that refreshing originality.

Vocally, and indeed perhaps melodically in some respects, this song reminded me of Elbow. Despite this being the first song Allison has ever written, it would be nice to hear where else a dedication to the craft may take him and this band in the future if they were to collaborate further. For now though, if you’re a Christmas lover but have tired somewhat of the same old classics – I Believe In Christmas kicks up something fresh and a little bit different; without sacrificing the central vibe and that shared sentiment of togetherness and joy.

Having written the song for his family initially, the accompanying video also stars them and keeps the theme alive in a genuine way. This is something of a subtle ear-worm but it’s a pleasure to have a brand new tune to be humming along to this year.

Find out more about the song here.

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